Printjam Cover

New: Printjam

Ronald De Bloeme
Wernher Bouwens
Christoph Ruckhäberle
Thomas Siemon
Edouard Wolton

Elaborate artist book
with multi-coloured lino- and woodcuts
Paperback, 84 pages, among these 5 leporellos,
23,6x32 cm, edition of 300
ISBN 978-3-941601-94-9
70 EUR
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Exhibition of the printjam project
and presentation of the artist book
at the Spinnerei archiv massiv in Leipzig
from September 13 to October 24

Dates Autumn/Winter 2014

27/6 - 14/9 Lubok at Kunstverein in Hamburg
05/9 Mega Book Release, In:Surgo!, Berlin
12/9 - 14/9 Art Book Weekend, Demon's Mouth, Oslo
13/9 - 14/9 Printjam Exhibition & Booklaunch, Spinnerei archiv massiv, Leipzig
25/9 - 28/9 New York Art Book Fair 2014
16/10 New Works New Books, galerieKleindienst, Leipzig
14/11 - 16/11 Offprint Paris 2014
27/11 - 30/11 Index Art Book Fair, MAZ, Guadalajara, Mexico
12/12 - 14/12 Fruit Exhibition, Palazzo de Renzo, Bologna

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